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Mission, Values, ESLRs

Our Mission
International Schools Riau is a diverse community formed by a partnership of students, educators and community members. We empower every student with knowledge, skills and values to adapt and succeed academically, socially and emotionally. ISR inspires, prepares and challenges our students to live meaningful lives and to make a positive difference as leaders and global citizens.

Our Values
The ISR community values integrity, an individual’s ability to live according to their principles.
The ISR community values excellence in all aspects of learning as we support and encourage individuals to persist in achieving their full potential.
The ISR community values respect and responsibility for oneself, others, and the environment; developing individuals who are appreciative, empathetic and collaborative.
The ISR community values diversity, embraces uniqueness and encourages international mindedness.
The ISR community values life long learning, supporting individuals in their quest to become self-directed learners, critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.
The ISR community values a balanced individual who is prepared academically, socially and emotionally; who is confident and embraces learning with optimism and joy.

ESLR (Expected Student Learning Results)
ISR Learners are nurtured to become:

Global Stewards who...
  • demonstrates local and global awareness
  • possesses a character of high standards
  • creates and maintains positive relationships
  • exhibits service orientation
Responsible Individuals who...
  • shows personal responsibility by being independent and holding him/herself accountable for his/her own actions
  • shows social responsibility by respecting and helping others
  • working collaboratively with others and holding themselves accountable to others in group settings
  • takes care of his/her surroundings by being environmentally conscious and globally and culturally responsible
Expressive Communicators who...
  • independently or collaboratively is receptive to feedback
  • evaluates it and makes appropriate adjustments
  • chooses the modality of a presentation based on their message and their audience
  • organizes and delivers their knowledge and understanding in a coherent, creative presentation
  • communicates their emotions and/or needs and offers solutions in an appropriate manner

Academic Achievers who...
  • consistently organized and prepared
  • uses self-reflection and responds to feedback
  • demonstrates growth towards meeting/exceeding curriculum standards
  • demonstrates flexibility and the use of multiple strategies

Thinkers and Problem Solvers who...
  • applies skills/knowledge from one context to another and makes connections
  • chooses and applies strategies based on the situation or task
  • demonstrates the ability to question
Self Directed Learners who...
  • demonstrates curiosity through questioning and inquiry
  • demonstrates resourcefulness by making appropriate choices to develop his/her skills, interests and talents when provided with several options
  • takes action in setting, achieving and assessing goals